Trees for Tibet

Under the influence of climate changes an increasing degradation of the Tibetan plateau rangelands became a huge problem. Also the grasslands in Amdo, Qinghai province, suffer under this phenomenon. Increasing desertification in the whole province pushes more and more inhabitants to leave the grassland. Chinese government tries to modify the consequences of the worsening of the environment through various ecological campaigns, but this process will take a very long time and the effect is not everywhere noticable. An example of the situation is the biggest desert of the Hainan prefecture. The desert covers an area of 246790ha.

2001ha belongs to a tibetan village. Therefore the state leaves the responsibility of this piece of the desert on the villagers, who of course do not have enough devices to cope with the sand area, which is growing every year.

One family decided to start an action against the increasing desertification, sold most of their animals and begun to plant trees that can grow well in the wett sand of the desert.

Their forestification project runns for five years now and during this period they planted trees over an area of 420ha and partly managed to stop the spreading of the sands.

To plant one tree cost 5 CZK / 0,2 EUR. Please help in this fight against the time and against the sand dunes. Help to buy new tree plants, so that the whole area becomes green again and that also in the future Tibetan nomads and farmers have a place to herd their livestock.

This project is a activity of the Potala organisation in Prague, Czech republic.

In case you are interested to assist this project, please consult the homepage of Potala or contact