Iconic Jokhang temple safe, adjacent shrine gutted by fire

Phayul - 17. February 2018 - 5:17
Amid widespread speculations of the iconic Jhokang temple in Lhasa city in the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR)being destroyed by fire, Phayul’s sources in Lhasa have confirmed that a nearby shrine has been destroyed by a fire earlier today and not the 7th Century
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Dhondup Wangchen testifies at US Congressional-Executive Commission on China

Phayul - 15. February 2018 - 2:57
Tibetan activist and filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen on Wednesday testified at a hearing of the US Congressional-Executive Commission on China, in the American capital in Washing
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Tibetans savour ‘united guthuk’ to bring in the New Year

Phayul - 15. February 2018 - 2:54
Tibetans here took part in a mass Guthuk on the 29th day of the 12th Tibetan month yesterday to kick-off Losar (Tibetan New Year) but with a bit of satire on the Tibetan society. The tradition of
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Mayors of Louisville and Anaheim to call on Dalai Lama

Phayul - 15. February 2018 - 2:43
Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville and Mayor Tom Tait of Anaheim, California, will be visiting Dharamshala to call on the Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama as a part of t
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Dhondup Wangchen to testify at US congressional hearing

Phayul - 14. February 2018 - 3:23
Former Tibetan political prisoner who escaped Tibet in December is in Washington DC to spread awareness on the situation inside Tibet and recount his ordeal before the international commu
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Deputy Speaker launches book about Tibetan women writers

Phayul - 14. February 2018 - 3:21
Titled ‘Tibetan Women Writers’, Editor of the book Chonyi Sangpo at a launch event in Dharamshala expressed hopes the book would serve as a good reference to aspiring Tibetan women writers a
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Activist group celebrates ‘Tibetan Independence day’

Phayul - 13. February 2018 - 2:22
Prominent activist group Students for a Free Tibet today celebrated the ‘Tibetan Independence day’ here in the virtual capital of the exile Tibetan diaspora. Parallel activities will be carried out
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Escaped-Tibetan filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen meets US officials

Phayul - 13. February 2018 - 2:13
The Tibetan filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen who escaped to the United States last month from Tibet met with officials from the US government in Washington DC on Monday, sources
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Chinese authorities seek whistleblowers’ help to counter “separatists”

Phayul - 13. February 2018 - 2:11
Chinese officials of so-called Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) have released a memo detailing how public can help the authorities by reporting about activities of ‘criminal gangs’ conn
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South African politicians condemn Chinese opposition to President Sangay’s visit

Phayul - 12. February 2018 - 3:18
After senior parliamentarian Sandy Kalyan condemned such opposition calling on China to stop ‘overstepping’ on South Africa’s sovereign rights, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, founder and president of the
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Aftab Karma Singh Pureval of Indo - Tibetan descent to run for US Congress

Phayul - 12. February 2018 - 3:06
In a first, Aftab Karma Singh Pureval, of Tibetan-Indian ancestry, will run for US Congress seat from Ohio’s 1st Congressional district. The young and rising Democrat candidate last month
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Tibetans holding Indian voter ID to surrender RC within a month

Phayul - 9. February 2018 - 2:42
Tibetan refugees holding Indian voter ID cards have been directed by the police to surrender their Registration Certificate (RC) the primary identity document for Tibetans living in India, with
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China protests Tibetan President’s South Africa visit

Phayul - 9. February 2018 - 2:28
The Chinese embassy in South Africa has vehemently hit out against the maiden visit of exile Tibetan government’s President Dr. Lobsang Sangay in the country saying his visit “undermine
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Tibetan monk released with disability due to torture in Chinese prison

Phayul - 9. February 2018 - 2:20
A Tibetan monk who had served six years in Chinese prison was released last month with disability due to torture in prison, a monk of Draggo monastery, has suffered potentially irreversible injury to his leg and lower body, and can’t walk without support. He was released on Jan. 24. “But he is not able to walk normall
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Tibetan President in South Africa on maiden visit

Phayul - 8. February 2018 - 13:11
The Tibetan President Dr. Lobsang Sangay is on his first ever visit to South Africa on a four-day official schedule. The head of the Tibetan polity who reached Johannesburg on Feb. 5 reportedly met Prince Ma
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Dalai Lama expresses sadness over Taiwan quake

Phayul - 8. February 2018 - 4:57
In a letter to Taiwanese President Ms. Tsai Ing-wen, the Tibetan leader wrote, "I understand that every effort is being made to rescue the injured and provide relief to those affected by this trag
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Latvian parliamentarians call for “fair and transparent” trial for Tashi Wangchuk

Phayul - 7. February 2018 - 13:19
A group of parliamentarians from Latvia has called for a lawful treatment of the Tibetan language rights activist Tashi Wangchuk. The MPs from the Latvian parliament known as the Saiema called for “fair and transparent” trial for the Tibetan currently detained by Chinese
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Mercedes-Benz apologizes for using Dalai Lama quote

Phayul - 7. February 2018 - 13:14
High end automobile company Mercedes-Benz has issued a public apology on Tuesday after its ad on social media caused uproar among Chinese consumers for quoting the Tibetan leader His Hol
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Former political prisoner arrested from Lhasa over protest

Phayul - 6. February 2018 - 13:44
A former political prisoner from Sog County who was reported missing from Lhasa on January 28 has been traced to a Chinese prison in Sog Cou
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Tibetan writer freed after serving 5-year term in Chinese prison

Phayul - 6. February 2018 - 13:39
A well known Tibetan writer has been released from Chinese prison after completing a five-year sentence in occupied Tibet. Gartse Jigme is known for his writing on pressing issues of Tibet
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