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Místopředseda lidové vlády Tibetu: Lidská práva jsou tu na vynikající úrovni

Sinopsis - 31. Březen 2019 - 19:46
Cesta z ponuré zaostalosti feudalismu do zářné svobody čínského komunismu za 60 let
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Topgyal Zongkha's appointment as Kalon remain unaccepted by top court

Phayul - 30. Březen 2019 - 4:24
The Speaker of the Tibetan parliament-in-exile Pema Jugney in his concluding remarks of the 7th session yesterday made it known that the recent appointment of the former Cabinet Secret
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Monks of Sera monastery told to show loyalty to Communist party

Phayul - 30. Březen 2019 - 2:47
Monks at one of the prominent Tibetan monastic universities in Lhasa city in occupied Tibet were instructed to show loyalty to the Communist party of China and stand against separatis
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Cenzurováno na WeChatu: Zmizení Jie Ťien-minga, bývalého předsedy CEFC China Energy

Sinopsis - 29. Březen 2019 - 8:37
Čínské úřady nemají zájem na odhalení společnosti, kterou aktivně využívaly ve své "ekonomické diplomacii".
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Mentseekhang celebrates 103rd anniversary

Phayul - 29. Březen 2019 - 2:44
On the occasion of the 103rd founding anniversary of Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute (TMAI), Director Tashi Tsering talked about the challenge posed by incidents of mass duplicati
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Royal Court theatre and UK Tibetan community reach agreement over play row

Phayul - 29. Březen 2019 - 2:38
Award winning playwright Abhishek Majumdar’s play premised on a Tibetan nun during the 2008 uprising in occupied Tibet, titled ‘Pah-lah’ is due to be premiered early next week in Lon
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China’s latest white paper on Tibet continues to contract the situation

Phayul - 28. Březen 2019 - 6:03
The white paper on Tibet “Democratic Reform in Tibet – Sixty Year On” released yesterday by the State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) apparently has nothing that’s not claimed in the series of other white papers published in
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Hledá se společná politika EU vůči ČLR (zn.: Těžko)

Sinopsis - 27. Březen 2019 - 8:44
Francie a Německo hlásí “konec evropské naivity” vůči Číně, Itálie dokazuje, že to nebude tak snadné.
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Filmaker Dhondup Wangchen receives 2019 Courage Award at Geneva Summit

Phayul - 27. Březen 2019 - 3:50
Exiled Tibetan filmmaker and former political prisoner who spent 6 years in Chinese prison for his documentary film ‘Leaving Fear Behind’ was awarded the prestigious ‘Courage Award’ at t
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State Dept. report spells out how China continues to restrict access to Tibet

Phayul - 26. Březen 2019 - 4:54
A new US State Department report to the Congress published yesterday spelt out how China continues to severely restrict access to Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) for US journalists, officials, dip
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German Human Rights Committee calls on China to immediately stop repression in Tibet

Phayul - 26. Březen 2019 - 4:21
In the month coinciding with the 60th Tibetan Uprising day which commemorates the death and sacrifice of thousands of Tibetans in 1959 under Chinese occupation, the German Committee o
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Tibetans, supporters rally in protest against Xi's visit to Paris

Phayul - 25. Březen 2019 - 5:27
More than a thousand Tibetans and supporters staged a pro-Tibet protest in Paris yesterday upon the arrival of the Chinese President Xi Jinping on a two-day state visit to France on t
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China trying to influence global media to deter criticism and spread propaganda: Reporters Without Border

Phayul - 25. Březen 2019 - 2:47
Chinese government is actively trying to influence the global media to curb criticism against the Communist led government and instead spread its propaganda and portray a favoura
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Make the foreign serve Huawei: An invitation-only presentation to demonstrate the company’s openness

Sinopsis - 22. Březen 2019 - 9:06
At a closed-door event during the Vienna Security Week, Huawei executives double down on ‘foreignized’ lawfare.
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World Water Day: China’s damming of rivers in Tibet continues to violate the water rights of the downstream countries

Phayul - 22. Březen 2019 - 6:06
The Central Tibetan Administration’s (CTA) Tibet Museum today observed the World Water Day in Dharamshala by featuring a talk on ‘Why Tibet Matters’ by Michael Buckley, a Tib
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Kashag secretary Topgyal Tsering appointed new minister in Sangay's cabinet

Phayul - 22. Březen 2019 - 5:59
Topgyal Tsering Zongkha, Secretary of the Kashag Secretariat, has been appointed as a new member of the Tibetan cabinet (Kashag) through a voting done after his nomination was
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Educational institutes should resist China’s effort to undermine academic freedom: HRW

Phayul - 22. Březen 2019 - 2:25
International human rights watchdog, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has released a 12-point Code of Conduct for colleges and universities to adopt to respond to Chinese governm
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Buddha’s teaching of ‘no attachment’ remains a good way to counter phishing: CTA President

Phayul - 21. Březen 2019 - 3:08
The ongoing 7th session of the 16th Parliament-in-exile today saw the President of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) Dr Lobsang Sangay referencing to Buddha’s teachin
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Dalai Lama sends prayers, condolence for victims of Christchurch shootings

Phayul - 21. Březen 2019 - 3:04
His Holiness the Dalai Lama sent a condolence letter yesterday addressed to the Rt. Hon Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand expressing his deep sadness at the tragedy o
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China’s claim over reincarnation of Dalai Lama disregards tradition, violates religious freedom: Pro-Tibet group

Phayul - 21. Březen 2019 - 2:58
China's latest claim over the reincarnation of the foremost Buddhist figure, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, has been rubbished by pro-Tibet group, International Campaign for Tibet. The
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