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Latest Tibetan news around the world
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Losar celebrations restricted inside occupied Tibet

9. Únor 2019 - 4:21
Tibetans in many parts of occupied Tibet have been restricted in celebrating Losar, the Tibetan new year. While many Tibetan government employees have been denied holidays an
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Phishing campaign linked to pro-Chinese threat actors unleashed in Dharamshala

9. Únor 2019 - 4:15
A recently launched phishing campaign targeting pro-Tibet individuals has been uncovered by researchers, reported ZDNet, a business technology news website publis
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CTA President Sangay on official South Africa visit

9. Únor 2019 - 4:10
The President of the exile Tibetan government known officially as the Central Tibetan Administration, Dr. Lobsang Sangay, is on the last leg of his official visit to South Afric
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Noted Tibetan singer, physician dead at 68

6. Únor 2019 - 4:34
Noted Tibetan singer known for popular Tibetan song 'Nga miyul Dogoe, Semchen ki ley rey" depicting communication between the Pachen Lama and exiled Dalai Lama from
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Chinese mining company used fake authorization letter to mine in Tibet for 40 years

4. Únor 2019 - 6:24
A mining authorization letter used by a Chinese mining company has turned out to be fake, after 40 years of rampant mining in the nomadic area of Muri in Tso Nyön pref
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‘No freedom and democracy in China’: Taiwanese Prez in her new year message

4. Únor 2019 - 4:20
The Taiwanese President has taken a dig at China in her Lunar new year message posted late Sunday night in what is seen as another incident in the island nation’s defiance to Beijing’s clai
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