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Latest Tibetan news around the world
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Nepal ramps up control on Tibetan refugees, develops database in a surveillance bid

13. Březen 2019 - 13:21
In what is seen as a bid to control and monitor the Tibetan refugee community in Nepal, the government there is reportedly in the process of developing a database of Tibet
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GONGO Support for China UPR Report at the United Nations

11. Březen 2019 - 8:51
As the 40th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) is scheduled to adopt its Third Universal Periodic Review (UPR) report on China this week, documents show
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Tibet’s resolute resistance continues: President Sangay on the 60th anniversary of ‘Uprising Day’

11. Březen 2019 - 4:58
While thousands of Tibetans marked the 60th anniversary of the ‘Tibetan Uprising Day’ around the world, here in the seat of the exile Tibetan government, the head of the Tibeta
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Shunning the Dalai Lama for the fear of Chinese backlash wrong: Foreign delegates

11. Březen 2019 - 3:36
Visiting delegates including parliament members from ten countries and former President of Botswana Ian Khama condemned the growing number of global leaders who have shunn
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CTA highlights resistance ahead of the anniversary of ‘uprising day’ with commemorative events

8. Březen 2019 - 3:24
The exile Tibetan government known officially as the Central Tibetan Administration undertook events here today that highlighted and remembered the resistance of Tibetans in the yea
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No widespread support for Dalai Lama in Tibet: CCP Chief in occupied Tibet

7. Březen 2019 - 3:20
Exiled Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama has no widespread support in Tibet and that the Tibetan people there are prosperous and happy under the Chinese Communist P
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Lhasa under intense surveillance, Tibetan pilgrims and businessmen restricted ahead of uprising anniversary

6. Březen 2019 - 3:53
Days ahead of the anniversary of the Tibetan uprising day in Lhasa, the capital city of occupied Tibet is under intense surveillance with Tibetan pilgrims and businessmen from other pa
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Former Botswanan Prez locks horn with govt. over proposed visit to Dharamshala

5. Březen 2019 - 3:26
Former President of Botswana Ian Khama’s proposed visit to the seat of the exile Tibetan government to attend the 60th anniversary of the Tibetan uprising day has run into opposition from the
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Huawei sets up three 5 G stations in occupied Tibet’s TAR bordering India

4. Březen 2019 - 2:19
Chinese internet service provider and telecom giant Huawei has set up three 5 G stations in the Tibetan Autonomous Region, the latest in the telecom and internet technology near the In
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Canadian police investigate online abuse against Tibetan student leader

1. Březen 2019 - 3:19
Canadian police has begun investigation into possible online abuse against Tibetan-Canadian student leader Chemi Lhamo who earlier this month won the election for President of the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus Stude
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7th Conference of Monlam Grand Dictionary Project begins

28. Únor 2019 - 2:21
Monlam Grand Dictionary Project today began its 7th conference on Tibetan lexicography at the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives (LTWA) here. Editors and representatives
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Must take more rest for a long life: Dalai Lama at Tenshug ceremony

27. Únor 2019 - 13:57
During a long life prayer ceremony on Wednesday at the Tsuklakhang temple here, the exiled Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama said that he must take more res
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CTA dispenses relief fund to cyclone-hit Tibetan settlement in Odisha

27. Únor 2019 - 13:13
Months after the Phuntsokling Tibetan settlement in the eastern Indian costal state of Odisha was hit by the devastating cyclone Titli, the exile Tibetan government known officially
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Dalai Lama 3rd in Watkins’ 100 Most Spiritually Influential People

26. Únor 2019 - 3:13
The Tibetan leader and foremost Buddhist figure, His Holiness the Dalai Lama is ranked 3rd in the list of Watkins magazine’s 2019 ‘Most Spiritually Influential Living People’. The Ti
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Tibetan shops caught in the blaze sparked by PRC related violence in Itanagar

26. Únor 2019 - 3:04
The violence and arson in Itanagar capital complex that culminated on Sunday have resulted in more than a dozen Tibetan shops razed in the fire set by the protestors after
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Job-seekers from China results in Tibetan graduates loosing out on jobs

25. Únor 2019 - 4:10
The overwhelming competition in the government job sector in occupied Tibet due to increasing number of Han-Chinese job-seekers and preference given to Chinese app
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Machik launches Machik Khabda

25. Únor 2019 - 2:09
A U.S.-based NGO, Machik, that incubates social innovation in Tibet recently announced the launch of Machik Khabda, an online chat program to discuss seminal works on Tibet by
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Tibetan photojournalist's photo adjudged 'Photo of the Year' at Hindu Photojournalism Awards

24. Únor 2019 - 3:33
A noted Tibetan photojournalist working for the leading Indian Daily The Indian Express has bagged yet another laurel for his photography, this time it is the Ph
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Education the only way to strengthen future torch-bearers of Tibetan movement: CTA President

23. Únor 2019 - 4:18
The President of the Central Tibetan Administration, Dr. Lobsang Sangay said that education is the only way to strengthen the future generation of Tibetans who w
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Geluk International Foundation proclaims 2019 as the International year of Tsongkhapa

22. Únor 2019 - 2:39
The Geluk International Foundation has announced that the foundation is observing 2019 as the “International Year of Tsongkhapa” to commemorate the 600th deat
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