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Latest Tibetan news around the world
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Only Dalai Lama has the right over his reincarnation, Chinese statement politically motivated: Dalai Lama's office

19. Červenec 2019 - 7:01
The office of the exiled Tibetan leader has rubbished remarks from a senior Chinese official who claimed Beijing’s authority over the reincarnation of the next Dala
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Dalai Lama greets the first woman president of the European Commission

19. Červenec 2019 - 4:02
By winning 383 of the 733 votes cast, she secured the margin for majority by just nine votes and will take over as the first-ever woman president of the EU’s executive when Jean-Claude Junc
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Niece of slain Tibetan religious leader urges Trump to support Tibet, Dalai Lama’s return

18. Červenec 2019 - 14:57
The niece of late Tibetan grassroots activist and teacher Tulku Tenzin Delek who died under mysterious circumstances in a Chinese prison on Wednesday met the US Presid
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His Holiness’ message of religious harmony is doing magic in Ladakh: Sonam Wangchuk

18. Červenec 2019 - 7:40
Sonam Wangchuk, an award-winning innovator and education reformist from Ladakh said His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s teaching of religious harmony and togetherness
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Speaker Pelosi condemns Xi Jinping for persecuting people for their faith

17. Červenec 2019 - 6:08
The Speaker of the United States’ House of Representatives and veteran American politician Nancy Pelosi has condemned the incumbent Chinese President Xi Jinping for his gover
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Compassion is indispensable for a good doctor: Dalai Lama

17. Červenec 2019 - 4:46
His Holiness the Dalai Lama, at a meeting this morning at Tsuglagkhang with a group of medical students from Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, said co
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Drones, check points and travel restriction at Yachen Gar

16. Červenec 2019 - 5:47
The massive eviction and demolition drive by Chinese government at the centuries old Buddhist learning center Yachen Gar in occupied Tibet’s eastern region is follo
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India must recognize Beijing’s Dalai Lama or risk ‘major political difference’: Chinese official

15. Červenec 2019 - 6:48
In what is being seen as yet another attempt by China to assert legitimacy over the reincarnation of the exiled Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama, a senior Chinese official has said that New Delhi must recognize the Beijing appointed 15th Dalai Lama
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Must not lose hope for Tibet: Dalai Lama tells Tibetan youth

12. Červenec 2019 - 5:12
Meeting a group of Tibetan youth here at his residence earlier today, the exiled Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama told Tibetan youngsters that they must not
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Evicted Tibetan nuns from Yachen Gar beaten by Chinese guards

12. Červenec 2019 - 5:05
Tibetan nuns undergoing political re-education post mass eviction from Yachen Gar in May this year were beaten for weeping in detention, reported
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Coalition of 22 nations condemn China over the mass detention of Uyghurs

11. Červenec 2019 - 4:37
In the face of China’s repressive policies in Xinjiang region, 22 nations have written a letter to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on Monday asking Beijin
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Lhasa has become a money-driven city, says Australian filmmaker

11. Červenec 2019 - 3:33
Australian filmmaker Mark Gould and his journalist and historian friend Charles Dodgson today said Lhasa has turned into a money-driven city like other big cities in Ch
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Trial begins in Case No. 20

10. Červenec 2019 - 14:23
The first hearing following the framing of issues in Case No. 20 began today at the Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission (TSJC) in Gangchen Kyishong, the Central Tibetan Administ
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China objects to United States' proposed $2.2 Bn arms sale to Taiwan

9. Červenec 2019 - 5:23
The sale of arms approved by the Trump administration includes 108 M1A2T Abrams tanks, related equipment, and some 250 Stinger missiles. The tanks are valued around $2 billion
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Dhondupling wins the first Tibetan women’s basketball tournament against tuberculosis

8. Červenec 2019 - 12:58
Dhondupling Tibetan settlement (Clement town) won the first Tibetan women’s basketball tournament against tuberculosis held in Dharamshala from July 2-
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Tibetan President urges New Delhi to include Tibet among its core issues

8. Červenec 2019 - 5:24
The President of the exile Tibetan government known officially as the Central Tibetan Administration, Dr. Lobsang Sangay, has appealed to the Indian government to inclu
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Being compassionate in your life, the best gift for me: Dalai Lama in his 84th birthday

6. Červenec 2019 - 4:22
The Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama who turned 84 today implored people to practice compassion and be compassionate in their daily lives and said that such action
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Nepal government bans celebration of Dalai Lama’s 84th birthday

5. Červenec 2019 - 8:45
A circular issued today by the Tibetan Representative Office in Kathmandu states that the Nepali Police has issued an order prohibiting the celebration of the 84th birthday
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Former CTA civil servants pray for Dalai Lama's long life through tenshug

5. Červenec 2019 - 4:14
Former civil servants of the exile Tibetan government known officially as the Central Tibetan Administration on Friday offered Tenshug or the long life prayer to the aging Tibetan l
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Pizza Hut opens first outlet in occupied Tibet’s Lhasa city

4. Červenec 2019 - 5:27
Fast food chain Pizza Hut has opened its first outlet in occupied Tibet’s Lhasa city last month. The fast food giant owned by the Yum Brands corporation also opened its
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