Book Review: Blessings from Beijing: Inside China’s Soft-power War on Tibet

Phayul - 7. Červenec 2018 - 14:10
These days, some books on Tibet are hopeful. Others speak of doom and gloom for Tibetans against the background of China’s rise and its willingness to throw its economic muscle around the world.
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Dalai Lama turns 83, urges individual contribution to world peace

Phayul - 6. Červenec 2018 - 4:26
The birth anniversary of the egalitarian Tibetan leader is a sought after day in the calendar of the Tibetan people who revere him as their paramount spiritual leader. A several thousand Tibet
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CTA Ministers on overseas official visits

Phayul - 5. Červenec 2018 - 4:48
Five out of six Minister of the exile Tibetan government in exile, known officially as the Central Tibetan Administration, are currently on separate official visits around the globe to attend 83rd birthd
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Dalai Lama visits Leh Jhokhang Shrine: Video

Phayul - 4. Červenec 2018 - 4:43
His Holiness the Dalai Lama today visited the Leh Jhokhang temple where devotees and followers welcomed him in traditional Ladakhi style. He told the gathering that shrines and monasteries were n
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Tibetan woman dies in road accident in South India

Phayul - 4. Červenec 2018 - 3:32
A middle aged Tibetan woman has reportedly died after the bus she was travelling in met with an accident in Hubbali, South India. She was reported to have succumbed to her injuries afte
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Dalai Lama arrives in Ladakh, Leh gears up for his 83rd birthday

Phayul - 3. Červenec 2018 - 14:43
With the harsh Dharamshala monsoon, Ladakh has been a favorite fixture on the Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s calendar around this time of the year. He touched down at Leh’s Kus
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