Dalai Lama leaves Dharamshala on 15-day Europe tour

Phayul - 8. září 2017 - 14:30
The Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama today left Dharamshala on a 15-day visit to various European countries beginning from Derry-Londonderry in Northern Irel
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Democracy and freedom did not come overnight: Taiwanese group

Phayul - 7. září 2017 - 5:04
Describing Taiwan’s struggle for freedom and democracy as long and hard-fought, a member of Taiwanese delegation to Dharamshala said that ‘democracy and freedom did not come over
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Tibetan nomads appeal against govt. decision to remove from pastureland

Phayul - 7. září 2017 - 3:00
Tibetan nomads in Golok region have appealed to the Chinese authorities against the government drive to remove Tibetans from their traditional grasslands. The appeal written in a detaile
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Tibetans shine at Chinese National Games

Phayul - 6. září 2017 - 14:53
Two Tibetan athletes have won top honors in their track and field events at the ongoing 13th National games of China in Tianjin on Tuesday. Topgyal from Lhasa has bagged
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Teen arrested in connection with shooting of Tibetan-teen in Somerville

Phayul - 6. září 2017 - 14:41
The police have arrested 17-year-old Jonathan Perry in connection with the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old Tibetan boy Tenzin Kunkhyen last week in Somervill
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Real human beauty is expressed through warmheartedness: Dalai Lama

Phayul - 6. září 2017 - 14:13
In his interaction with students from the University of California, San Diego, and a group from Mumbai at his private residence in Dharamshala, His Holiness the Dalai Lama said tha
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Dalai Lama to attend ‘International Peace Conference' in Manipur

Phayul - 5. září 2017 - 3:42
The exiled Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama will reportedly be attending a conference on peace some time in the next four months in the northeastern state of Ma
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Bir Tibetan Society honors Dalai Lama with memento to celebrate 50 years

Phayul - 5. září 2017 - 3:39
To celebrate the golden jubilee year of Bir Tibetan Society (BTS), the members of society honored His Holiness the Dalai Lama with a special memento of Ashtamanga
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Dalai Lama condoles victims of Bihar and Assam flooding

Phayul - 4. září 2017 - 14:57
Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama has expressed his condolences and sadness over the loss of life and properties due to massive flooding in Bihar and
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The match behind bars: Tibetan team plays goodwill match against Swiss prison team

Phayul - 4. září 2017 - 14:52
In a first, a Tibetan football team from Switzerland played a football match against a prison team inside a state prison in Zurich on Saturday. Although the match between Tibetzuri SC and FC Inter Poschwies ended on an even score of a goal each, the initiative marked a
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India must get accustomed to more roads in Doklam, Tibet border: Chinese expert

Phayul - 4. září 2017 - 14:17
A Chinese strategic expert has warned India to ‘get accustomed’ to more Chinese constructions and roads ‘not only in Doklam’ but allover the border areas in Tibet and
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Official commemoration of 57th Tibetan Democracy day marred by low public turnout

Phayul - 2. září 2017 - 8:54
The seat of the exile Tibetan polity here today celebrated one of its landmark occasion; the 57th edition of the ‘Tibetan Democracy Day’ but the proceedings were marred by the abysmally lo
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Anu Ringlug’s Phur sweeps Tibetan Music Award 2017

Phayul - 2. září 2017 - 8:46
The music sensation duo Anu Ringlug of much loved song this year, ‘Phur’ swept the Tibetan Music Awards 2017 bagging five categories at the 8th edition of the music awards at Norbu House
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TCHRD, TWA launch awareness campaign to strengthen Tibetan democracy

Phayul - 1. září 2017 - 4:40
The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) in association with the Tibetan Women’s Association (TWA) today launched a public awareness campaign to improve
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Tibetan elderly released after 12 years in Chinese prison

Phayul - 1. září 2017 - 4:26
An elderly Tibetan man has been released from Chinese prison in occupied Tibet after serving twelve years’ jail term, Gu-Chu-Sum, an organization that works for the welfare and plig
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Tibetan youth shot dead in Somerville, US

Phayul - 1. září 2017 - 4:20
A Tibetan teenager has reportedly been shot dead in Somerville, United States, late Tuesday afternoon. The deceased is identified as Tenzin Kunkhyen, a resident of the neighboring Mald
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Dalai Lama concludes four-day teaching for Southeast Asians

Phayul - 1. září 2017 - 4:16
“Self is singular and others is infinite and if one cultivates a Bodhichitta mind to eliminate all the sufferings, the negative impulse to harm others will automatically subside,” said the Tib
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Middle way the golden way, says visiting Swedish delegation

Phayul - 31. Srpen 2017 - 14:30
Visiting Swedish delegation here earlier this morning said that the ‘Middle Way Approach,’ the official policy of the Dharamshala based Tibetan government in exile (known officially as the Ce
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Leave the country, Swiss officials tell hundreds of Tibetans ineligible for asylum

Phayul - 31. Srpen 2017 - 14:23
Swiss immigration authorities have reportedly asked close to 300 Tibetans to leave the country as their documents are inadmissible for asylum application. The development comes fres
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Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy will not affect Indigenous people of Arunachal: BJP

Phayul - 31. Srpen 2017 - 14:22
Following a protest against the Arunachal Pradesh state government’s decision of adopting the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy, ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has assured
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