China plans its own Yellowstone on the Tibetan Plateau

Phayul - 14. Listopad 2019 - 2:18
The first national park modeled on the USA’s Yellowstone National park is expected to be inaugurated in 2020. In August, policy makers and scientists from China, USA and o
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“Go back China” say protestors in Nepal against Chinese encroachment

Phayul - 13. Listopad 2019 - 13:30
Following a report by the Nepalese government’s Survey Department that said China has encroached upon 36 hectares of Nepalese land, protestors in few districts came on the str
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Dalai Lama wishes former US President Jimmy Carter swift recovery

Phayul - 13. Listopad 2019 - 2:32
Exiled Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama has written to the former US President Jimmy Carter expressing his concern and wishes for a swift recovery on Tuesday following
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His Holiness interacts with members of Young Presidents’ Organisation (YPO) from Nepal

Phayul - 13. Listopad 2019 - 2:28
His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave an audience to 30 members of the Nepal chapter of the Young Presidents’ Organisation (YPO) this morning. His Holiness said that it was an honour meeting them today stressing on the long-standing historical connection between Nepal and
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Tibetan man detained on the eve of Uprising day for WeChat post

Phayul - 12. Listopad 2019 - 4:11
Pema Samdup, 26, born in the Khugyu village in Sertsa Township in Tengchen county, was arbitrarily detained on the eve of the Tibetan political anniversary of the annual Uprising day which fal
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Tibetan Monk detained for "political" post on WeChat in Ngaba

Phayul - 12. Listopad 2019 - 4:04
Sonam Palden, 22, a monk from Kirti monastery from Ngaba County in the Tibetan Province of Amdo, was detained for his critical comment about the use of Tibetan language. In a p
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Dalai Lama interacts with students, community leaders from Washington

Phayul - 11. Listopad 2019 - 13:13
His Holiness the Dalai Lama today participated in an interactive session with 21 students and community leaders led by Lieutenant Governor of Washington State, USA, Cyrus Hab
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Tibetan man sentenced for sharing teachings of Dalai Lama through Wechat

Phayul - 11. Listopad 2019 - 3:56
A Tibetan man in occupied Tibet’s Shigatse city has reportedly been sentenced for sharing materials on the Chinese micro messaging app Wechat, that include teachings of the exiled T
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First episode of Phayul Plus Video Report

Phayul - 8. Listopad 2019 - 13:29
Phayul.com covers the 8th edition of the Dharamshala International Film Festival, held from November 7 to November 10, 2019.
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Dalai Lama concludes three-day 'Heart Sutra' teaching for Koreans

Phayul - 6. Listopad 2019 - 4:51
The three-day ‘Heart-Sutra’ (Sherab Nyingpo) teaching requested by Korean group concluded today. The offficial website of His Holiness the Dalai Lama reported that more than 6
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Delegates question validity of Sino-Tibet dialogue at TSG meet

Phayul - 5. Listopad 2019 - 3:57
The Sino-Tibet dialogue which has been stalled since 2010 was one of the most discussed and debated issues at the 8th Tibet Support Group (TSG) Meet with many of the participants qu
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Tsugkahang Temple in Dharamshala to get its first elevator

Phayul - 4. Listopad 2019 - 6:03
The Thekchen Choeling Tsuglakhang known commonly as the Dalai Lama’s temple here in the seat of the exile Tibetan diaspora is set to get its first elevator after decades since its inc
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Dalai Lama attends 600th birth anniversary of Gyudchen Dorjechang

Phayul - 3. Listopad 2019 - 5:52
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama graced his presence on the inauguration ceremony of the 600th birth anniversary of Gyudchen Dorjechang Jetsun Kung Dhondu, the founder of G
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China must be confronted: US Secretary of state Pompeo

Phayul - 31. Říjen 2019 - 6:20
The United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday lashed out at the ruling communist party of China, saying that its policies are eyed at domination of the world and
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China says it opposes “words and deeds” of US Ambassador who met the Dalai Lama

Phayul - 30. Říjen 2019 - 2:25
Days after a high level United States leader visited the base of the exile Tibetan diaspora and met with its leaders, China has said that such action takes away from the mutual trust and
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Tibetan youth club donates to CM relief fund for West Sikkim landslide last month

Phayul - 29. Říjen 2019 - 7:21
The Tibetan Youth Club, Gangtok in a meeting with Shri. Kunga Nima Lepcha, Hon’ble Minister of Education, Sports and Law, the government of Sikkim, donated a one lakh thirteen thousand rupees toward CM Relief
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His Holiness urges Denzong audience to help preserve the environment

Phayul - 29. Říjen 2019 - 7:04
His Holiness the Dalai Lama, during a private audience this morning for the teachers and students of Berotsana Tibet Cultural Preservation Center from Gangtok, Sikkim, urged the
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Tibetans have the right to choose their religious leaders without interference: US Ambassador for Religious Freedom

Phayul - 28. Říjen 2019 - 3:33
The United States Ambassador at large for Religious Freedom Samuel D. Brownback on Monday visited Dharamshala, the virtual capital of the exile Tibetan setup and called on Tibeta
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Policeman who assaulted me was racially motivated, says Tibetan youth thrashed in Delhi

Phayul - 26. Říjen 2019 - 10:48
Days after the incident of two Tibetan youths who were assaulted by an on-duty policeman in Delhi’s Mahipalpur area for calling a nearby police station for assistance to care for an injured
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Taipei Mayor calls self immolation of Tibetans “not a good way of committing suicide”, sparks uproar

Phayul - 25. Říjen 2019 - 8:21
The mayor of Taipei city, the capital of Taiwan known for his controversial statements have attracted fresh uproar with his comments on the self immolation of Tibetans in occ
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