Parliament bars NGOs, regional associations from endorsing Sikyong, parliament candidates

Phayul - 28. září 2018 - 5:34
Tibetan legislators voted overwhelmingly to vote for amendments in the election rules that bars non-governmental organizations and Cholka (regional) associations from endors
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Dhobi Tibetan settlement among worst affected in flood-hit region

Phayul - 27. září 2018 - 5:30
Palrabling Tibetan settlement known commonly as Dhobi settlement near Manali is among the worst hit in the damages following flash floods caused by incessant rain in North India
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Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act passed in US House of Representatives

Phayul - 26. září 2018 - 14:55
The bill that promotes access to Tibet for U.S. officials, journalists, and average citizens was approved by the United States House of Representatives on Tuesday in Washingto
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No backing in the house for Sangay led Kashag’s ‘one-time vote’

Phayul - 26. září 2018 - 3:14
A major reform proposal by the ruling Kashag (Cabinet) in the rules of the Central Tibetan Administration’s Presidential and Parliamentary elections failed to gather support in the hou
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Three monks from Ngaba held incommunicado after separate solo protests

Phayul - 25. září 2018 - 14:57
Three monks from the Ngaba monastery in the restive region by the same name in eastern Tibet’s Ngaba county, Sichuan Province, have been detained by Chinese police in separate incid
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Eligible Tibetan refugees must forego refugee benefits for passport: Ministry of External Affairs

Phayul - 24. září 2018 - 12:27
Tibetan refugees born between January 26, 1950 and July 1, 1986 and their children who have been declared Indian citizens by birth under the Citizenship Act. 1955 can avail pas
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“I have special connection with Rikon monastery”: Dalai Lama

Phayul - 23. září 2018 - 12:38
The 50-year anniversary celebration of the first Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Europe, the Rikon monastery known officially as the Tibet institute Rikon (TIR) in Zurich, Switzerland was atten
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His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Zurich: Pictures

Phayul - 23. září 2018 - 8:25
His Holiness the Dalai Lama gestures during his teaching on Nagarjuna’s “Precious Garland of the Middle Way” (uma rin-chen treng-wa), Kamalashila’s “Middling Stages of Meditation” (gom-rim bar-pa), Thokme Sangpo’s “37 Practices of a Bodhisattva” (gyal-sey lag-len so-dun-ma
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Kashag’s proposed amendments in election rules stalled

Phayul - 22. září 2018 - 5:40
The amendments brought in the house by the Dr. Lobsang Sangay led Kashag (cabinet) that calls primarily for one-time election instead of the existing two rounds of voting has been stalled
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Dalai Lama in Zurich captured by Veteran Tibetan Photo-journalist Norbu Wangyal

Phayul - 21. září 2018 - 5:17
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama waves as he arrives for the religious ceremony to celebrate the 50years jubilee of the monastery. The Tibetan spiritual leader is on a four-nation trip to Euro
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‘Chinese spy’ arrested from Tibetan colony Majnu-ka-tilla in Delhi

Phayul - 21. září 2018 - 3:59
A suspected Chinese spy has reportedly been arrested by Indian intelligence agents from Tibetan colony Majnu-ka-tilla in the national capital Delhi on September 13. The transit hub for Tibetans and growing restaurant destination for Tibetan and oriental cuisine, MT as it is
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Activists coalition rally against “Xi-the-Pooh” at Un headquarters in NY

Phayul - 20. září 2018 - 14:31
Activists from various countries that calls for freedom from China’s repression gathered in front of the United Nation’s headquarters in New York City on Tuesday on the opening day of the 73r
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Dalai Lama to be honored with Gandhidarshan award

Phayul - 19. září 2018 - 3:21
Exiled Tibetan leader and global icon for peace, His Holiness the Dalai Lama will be awarded the Gandhi Global Foundation’s 2018 Gandhidarsan International Award, the organi
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16th Tibetan parliament’s 6th session opens

Phayul - 19. září 2018 - 3:15
The seat of the exile Tibetan polity here saw the start of the 6th session of the 16th Tibetan parliament in exile on Tuesday. The 10-day session that will go on till 28 September will see th
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No teacher is above the law, Dalai Lama tells alleged victims of sexual abuse

Phayul - 19. září 2018 - 3:12
Tibetan leader the Dalai Lama who met victims of alleged sexual abuse by Tibetan Buddhist teachers in the Netherlands on Friday reportedly spoke against the perpetrators, in an act of solidar
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“The Tibetan struggle is not just political,” says Dalai Lama at Rotterdam

Phayul - 17. září 2018 - 3:27
Exiled Tibetan leader and foremost Buddhist figure His Holiness the Dalai Lama addressing a 12,000 strong mass on Sunday at the Ahoy convention center in Rotterdam, Holland said that the
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Dalai Lama wishes Indian PM Modi on his birthday

Phayul - 17. září 2018 - 3:18
Exiled Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama has wished the incumbent Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his 68th birthday with prayers for his good healt
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Dalai Lama to meet victims of alleged sexual abuse in Netherlands

Phayul - 15. září 2018 - 8:08
The Dalai Lama who is currently on a four-nation trip to Europe will meet a group of alleged sexual abuse victims by Buddhist masters on Friday in the Netherlands, the AFP repo
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Resilience in Tibetan community the goal at ‘Five and Fifty’ initiative’s third forum

Phayul - 15. září 2018 - 8:00
The third and the final forum of the Central Tibetan Administration’s ‘Five and Fifty’ initiative saw over 200 experts on varied fields including leadership, resource mobilisation, health, education as well as funding partners and senior officials of Central Tibetan Administration converg
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Tibetan man released prior to completion of sentence from Chinese prison

Phayul - 13. září 2018 - 4:11
A Tibetan man who was convicted on the charges of being a “ring leader” of a protest in Machu during the 2008 pan Tibet uprising was reportedly released from Chinese prison. Gonpo Tseko was free
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