Satellite images show drastic reduction of Larung Gar institute

Phayul - 20. Říjen 2017 - 3:19
On the anniversary of the International Day of Action for Larung, the London based NGO Free Tibet has released satellite images showing a much-reduced Larung Gar, following the demolition drive i
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Xi portrays resolute intent to clamp down on "separatists" at CCP meet

Phayul - 19. Říjen 2017 - 14:15
In the opening remarks at the19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, President Xi Jinping left less than little to indicate that he will tolerate so-called “separatists” or us
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Dalai Lama returns after maiden Manipur visit

Phayul - 19. Říjen 2017 - 14:08
The Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama returned home to Dharamshala today following his maiden visit to Manipur where he attended an international confere
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Dalai Lama calls for EU like unions to end violence

Phayul - 18. Říjen 2017 - 4:17
The Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who has often professed his admiration towards the concept of European Union (EU), suggested such unions around the world to
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Kunphen organizes workshop against drug abuse

Phayul - 18. Říjen 2017 - 4:04
Minimal acceptance of drug abuse as a societal problem and the lack of collective effort to help those with addiction can become a major problem for the community, said Kunphen Cente
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TYC activists storm Chinese embassy as China's 19th Party Congress kicks off

Phayul - 18. Říjen 2017 - 3:43
Coinciding with the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, around 50 Tibetans including members of Regional Tibetan Youth Congress (Rohini) and TYC executive membe
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“No hopes from Xi's dictatorship”: Tibetan NGOs on the eve of 19th National Congress

Phayul - 17. Říjen 2017 - 14:38
A day ahead of the seminal meet of the Chinese Communist party’s 19th National Congress in Beijing, a coalition of Tibetan non-governmental organizations has proclaime
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Dalai Lama launches Universal Ethics Curriculum for Indian schools

Phayul - 17. Říjen 2017 - 14:34
The Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama on Monday launched the Universal Ethics Curriculum for Indian schools prepared by Ayur Gyan Nyas at DAV Central Public School in
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Manipur accords grand reception to Dalai Lama

Phayul - 17. Říjen 2017 - 4:19
The Tibetan Spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama today arrived in Imphal, capital city of Manipur to a grand reception of state government at the air
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Tibetan traders harassed at Kyirong - Nepal border

Phayul - 17. Říjen 2017 - 3:01
Exercising additional scrutiny of Tibetan traders at Tibet-Nepal border, Chinese border authorities have stopped Tibetan merchants travelling from Kyirong into Nepal for lengthy docum
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Tibet team's Samdup awarded the best goalkeeper in Sikkim Governor’s Gold Cup 2017

Phayul - 16. Říjen 2017 - 14:48
The Tibetan National team’s goalkeeper has been awarded the ‘best goal keeper’ honors at the 37th All India Sikkim Governor’s Gold Cup in Gangtok’s Paljor Stadium yeste
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Five to compete for maiden Mr. Tibet title

Phayul - 16. Říjen 2017 - 14:44
Five Tibetan men will participate in the maiden Tibetan manhunt Mr. Tibet 2017 organized by Yak Events at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Art (TIPA) here on October 28, the orga
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'Last Note’ wins short film competition of 8th Tibet film Festival

Phayul - 15. Říjen 2017 - 8:09
Tibetan actor Shavo Dorjee’s short film ‘Last Note’ today won the short film competition of the 8th Tibet Film Festival happening simultaneously in Zurich and Dharam
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8th Tibet Film Festival opens in Zurich, Dharamshala

Phayul - 14. Říjen 2017 - 7:05
The 8th Tibet Film Festival kicked off this morning under the motto "RE-IMAGINING THE ROOF OF THE WORLD", the only festival in the world focusing solely on Tibetan filmmaking, at the Tib
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Reaching out to Chinese masses of paramount importance: CTA President

Phayul - 13. Říjen 2017 - 3:41
The President of the exile Tibetan government (Central Tibetan Administration) Dr. Lobsang Sangay today said that the role of the Chinese liaison officers is of “paramount importance” and tha
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TWA honors Dalai Lama with ‘Jamtse Lopon Award’

Phayul - 13. Říjen 2017 - 3:39
The Tibetan Women’s Association (TWA) today conferred ‘Jamtse Lopon Award’ on the Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama at the latter’s residence today. The award recogni
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Internal deliberations on key proposals from the ‘five fifty’ meet by CTA

Phayul - 12. Říjen 2017 - 5:58
Following the conclusion of the maiden ‘five fifty vision conference last week, the exile Tibetan government, known officially as the Central Tibetan Administration, held two key meetings to deliberate and discuss the strategic recommendations and possible
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Chinese scholar says Tibetans must not lose hope on MWA

Phayul - 12. Říjen 2017 - 5:47
Tibetans must not lose hope on Middle Way Approach (MWA) and the Chinese government must not doubt the approach, said Professor Ming Xia, professor of Political Science at City
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Defeat against Mohan Bagan good as win, says TNSA Secretary

Phayul - 11. Říjen 2017 - 3:24
For the young Tibetan team, who nearly pulled off a sports equivalent of the ‘David vs. Goliath’ instance, the 90th minute goal that they conceded against Mohan Bagan might hav
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Math teacher from Shigatse wins China's top singing show

Phayul - 11. Říjen 2017 - 3:16
In a first, a Tibetan math teacher from Shigatse city in Southern Tibet has won a famed reality television show ‘Sing! China’ on Sunday. He was crowned the winner of the show’s second season in the grand
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